Bookkeeping Solutions

Exifo Solutions carries a vital experience in bookkeeping which helps it to meet our clients need needs resulting to save cost by over 50%. Day to day bookkeeping and compliance reporting requires significant resources, but we have pool of qualified bookkeepers who can manage your needs on daily basis or as and when required depending upon volume and your preference.

Your organization cost is not only bookkeepers’ salary but there are other intangible costs like mandatory contributions, vacation pay and also you have to add your resources available to this employee. Cost mounts to salary plus approximate 15% to 20% on these benefits and your resource cost. Sometimes your organization does not need a full time bookkeeper but you end up hiring one. However, after meeting our team you don’t need to worry any more as we will charge you depending on the work done, not fixed like employee.
Exifo Solutions experienced team can provide you help on any bookkeeping software with remarkable turnaround time and quality. Exifo Solutions team include dedicated bookkeeper, weekly or monthly per organization needs and volume. .

Our bookkeeping solutions include


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